Manta Series Overview

Designed with the latest powerful synchrotron beamlines and XFEL facilities in mind, Rayonix offers a state of the art integrating hybrid pixel detector called Manta. With settings to capture at single X-ray photon sensitivity up to 10,000 photons full well capacity, you will get the best data from your experiment.

Technical Highlights

• Gain Auto-ranging and Fixed Gain settings
• 100 µm x 100 µm pixel size
• 1kHz framing rate

Beamline considerations:

• Air and vacuum experimental compatibility
• 5-35 KeV X-ray energy detection with Si 500 µm sensor

Manta imaging area dimensions:

The Manta is available in multiple configurations, from Manta-1 (single module) with an imaging area of 77.7mm x 35.5mm, to the Manta-15 3×5 array with 4 million pixels.

Mantas feature the ePix10K ASIC from SLAC