XFEL Series Overview

Rayonix detectors are in use at several XFEL facilities. The data from these high speed detectors have contributed to major scientific results.

X-ray Free Electron Lasers are providing extremely high photon flux in high frequency pulse patterns. Highly specialized X-ray detectors are required to take full advantage of these facilities. Rayonix is the only major commercial detector manufacturer offering detectors that fit XFEL requirements:


  • Integrating: Ability to detect X-ray patterns that arrive in extremely short pulses, or instantaneously, without loss of linearity (no count rate limitation)
  • High dynamic range (at least 60,000 8keV X-ray photons/pixel full well)
  • High quantum efficiency for hard X-rays (> 90% at 8keV)
  • High frame rates (100Hz and faster)
  • Low noise
  • High spatial resolution, adjustable pixel size
  • Large, seamless area detectors (no gaps in imaging area)
  • Custom geometries: Many available sizes and custom geometries such as a tunnel through the center
  • External triggering options for syncing detector to the experiment
  • Permanent factory calibration eliminates the need for complicated post-refinement of detector parameters
  • Support: Fast response and attention to keep your experiment going

Rayonix detectors are delivered fully calibrated with permanent geometric and flat-field corrections, and they require no on-site calibration. There are no dead areas and no gaps in the imaging area.

The user is able to adjust pixel size and frame rate, as well as several other parameters. This makes the detector very adaptable to a variety of experiments.

Rayonix has been serving synchrotron X-ray facilities for many years and is familiar with the support requirements of X-ray user facilities that schedule beam time months ahead.